Music Library West Bank

The Music Library, in the basement of Ferguson Hall, has musical scores, recordings, and materials covering all areas of Western art music.

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Nearest accessible parking is located in the 21st Avenue Ramp. University Parking and Transportation Services provides up-to-date information about transit options, biking, parking, and other campus transportation needs.

Building entrances
The main entrance to Ferguson Hall is wheelchair accessible.

An elevator is located to the left after entering the main entrance.


Restrooms are located past the elevator, left at the first hallway.

All-gender restrooms can be found in the basement of Ferguson Hall, in room 92.

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Spaces in the Music Library

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Collections in the Music Library

The collection is strong in the areas of opera, history of music theory, and 19th- and early 20th-century German periodical literature with smaller collections of non-Western and vernacular forms of music, including folk, jazz, and rock.

Interlibrary Loan and Digital Delivery

We offer access to materials needed for course work and scholarly research, including materials not currently available within the University of Minnesota Libraries, and digital copies of articles and book chapters from our print and microform collections.

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Getting started with music research This guide covers search tools for research in topics related to music and music education. Music citation guide (Chicago style) Templates and examples of real citations for footnotes and bibliography entries formatted into Chicago style for citing books, scores, recordings, liner notes, articles, and more. Finding music materials A step-by-step guide to locate music materials like scores and recordings. Music-related databases guide Explore music-related databases that will help you to access articles, dissertations, books, scores, recordings, and more. Instrument and voice guides Get started searching for repertoire and scholarship for instruments and voice types, including call number rangers, databases, and other resources to access performing materials. Types of scores and how to find them Learn about the different options for research and performance, including manuscripts, facsimiles, scholarly editions, and performing editions.

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