The Jean-Nickolaus Tretter Collection in Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Studies houses over 3,000 linear feet of material about the GLBT experience. It includes published material, organizational records, personal manuscripts, informational files, films, music, textiles, posters, and other items.

The collection is international in scope and has materials in approximately 58 languages.

Among the significant archival holdings are:

  • the Michael McConnell Files
  • the largest Two Spirit Collection available
  • the personal papers of Professor Toni McNaron, Patrick Scully, Allan Spear, Jane Fee, and Tobias Schneebaum
  • the archives of the National Log Cabin Republicans
  • National Education Association GLBT Caucus
  • the Lesbian Review of Books Archive
  • Bisexual Organizing Project Records
  • Minnesota AIDS Project Records
  • Minnesota Men of Color Records
  • Twin Cities-GLBT Pride Committee Records

Press & Documentary Coverage

"Out North: MN LGBTQ History" TPT, Twin Cities Public Television, 2017
"Narrating a Transition" Continuum Magazine, October 2017
"Transgender History Project at the U of M" Access Minnesota Radio, February, 2015
"Interview with Curator Lisa Vecoli" Access Minnesota Television, January 2015
"Grant Will Help Gather Transgender Experiences" MN Daily, October 15, 2014
"Andersen Library Hosts International GLBT Materials Archiving Conference" MN Daily, May 24, 2006
"Preserving Queer History: The Tretter Collection" Documentary about the Tretter Collection

Tretter Materials Online

Selected Posters and Videos from the Tretter Collection
Tretter Transgender Oral History Project Videos and Transcripts
Tretter Collection Textiles hosted by "Wearing Gay"

Audio of Charles Rowland interview with Jean Nickolaus Tretter

Book Collection

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Finding Aids - Search the Collections

Albrecht - Lisa Albrecht Papers, 1969-2004
Alphabet Soup Records, 2006-2008
Amazon Bookstore Corporate Records, 1970-2012
Anderson - Craig L. Anderson Papers, 1975-2008
Anderson - Deb Anderson Papers, 1984-2004
Arnesen - Cliff Arnesen Papers, 1960-2015
Audio and Video Inventory
Azora-Minda - Catherine Azora-Minda Audio Tapes, 1981-2002
Barr - James Barr Interview
Benson - Douglas Benson and Duane Gajewski Papers, 1990-2012
Berman - Sanford Berman Papers, 1985-2014
Bi Cities! T.V., 2002-2008
Bisexual Organizing Project Records, 1988-2009
Blue (Barbara DeMaesschalck Papers, 1970-2004)
Bolerium Books Records, 2000-2003
Bonham - Tim Bonham Papers, 1977-2013
Borich - Barrie Jean Borich Papers, 1963-2013
Boulton and Park Society Publications, 1987-1999
Boys Into Gardening (B.I.G.) Records, 1993-2013
Browne-Courage - Karen Browne-Courage Papers, 1972-1976
Calliope Women's Chorus Records, 1975-2013
Canadian Gay and Lesbian Archive Duplicates Collection - 1960s-2010s
Carpenter - Dale Carpenter Papers, 1989-1999
Catholic Pastoral Committee on Sexual Minorities Records (1990s-2000s)
Chalgren - James (Jim) Eric Chalgren Papers, 1972-2002
Church of Symmetrical Pointlessness Papers, 1971
City of Lakes Crossgender Community Records (CLCC), 1986-2005
Clark - Rep. Karen Joy Clark Papers, 1981-2014
Conterio - William Conterio Correspondence, 1986-2002
Coyle - Brian Coyle Collection, 1989
Cramer - James McCall "Shamey" Cramer Papers, 1982-2014
Cruikshank - Margaret Cruikshank Papers, 1970s-1997
Degroot - Ann Degroot Papers, 1970s-2000
de la Motte-Sherman - Colin de la Motte-Sherman Papers, 1985-2017
Delta Lambda Phi Records, 1987-2003
Denny - Dallas Denny Papers, 1966-2016
Dibble - D. Scott Dibble Papers, 1965-2004
District 202 Records, 1994-2007
Drake - Dallas Drake Papers, 1950-2003
DSI Obscenity Trial Records, 1958-2010
Duke - Shirley Duke Papers, 1971-2016
Duluth/Superior Pride Records, 1994-1995
Duluth - University of Minnesota Duluth GLBT Services Records, 1990-2012
East Central Minnesota Pride Records, 2005-2016
Eddy - Andrew Eddy Papers, 1980-2014
Endean - Steve Endean Papers, 1972-2006
Erotica Collection, 1976-2003
Evans - Joanie Evans Papers, 1991-2016
"Faces of Tretter" Event Records, 2007-2009
Fearing - Scott Fearing Papers, circa 1950-2010
Fee - Jane Fee Papers
Ferguson - Stuart Ferguson Papers
Fresh Fruit Radio Show, KFAI, 1986-1992
Galt - B. David Galt Papers, 1991-2010
GAMMA - Gay Married Men's Association Records, 1980-1995
Garner - Abigail Garner Papers, 1995-2006
Gay House Records, 1971-1975
Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender (Allies) Program Office Records, 1978-2012
Gay Rights Legislative Committee Records, 1969-1975
Gittings - Barbara Gittings Papers, 1967-2006
Golden Commune Records, 1970-1987
Goodman - Douglas Dean Goodman Papers, 1901-2006
Goodtimes Softball - Twin Cities Goodtimes Softball League Records, 1977-2006
Gordon - Jay Gordon (formerly Jay Huber) Papers, 1995-2013
Gries - Max Gries Papers, 1993-2008
Grinley - Gregory Grinley Papers, 1985-2013
Halfhill - Robert Halfhill Papers, 1956-2011
Harris - Ronald A. Harris Papers, 1987-1994
Hayden - Loring Hayden Papers, 1921-2006
Hertz - Harvey Hertz Personal Collection, 1984-1991
HIV/AIDS Healthcare Providers Oral History Project, 2013-2016
"Homo Heights" Production (1997 movie)
Hoover - Joe Hoover Papers, 1994-2001
Hoyt - Charlee Hoyt Papers, 1971-1991
Hudgins - Rosanna Hudgins Papers, 1970-2003
Hunter - Dianna Hunter Papers, 1971-2017
Hustad - John Hustad Papers, 1970-2016
IDS Diversity Network Records, 1990-2002
Imperial Sovereign Court of the Ice Castle Records, 1982-2006
Information Files, Tretter Collection,1938-2008
InterPride Records, 1990-2007
Isbin - Neil Isbin Papers, 1970-2007
"It's Time Minnesota" Organizational Records, 1988-1995
J-Pride Records, 1993-2017
Jaffe - Sharon Jaffe Audio Collection
Jansen - Robert (Bob) Jansen Papers, 1953-2012
Jenkins - Andrea Jenkins Papers, 2005-2017
Johnson - Robert F. Johnson Papers, 1945-2007
Kane - James (Jim) Kane Papers, 1950-2014
Karpman - Benjamin Karpman Papers, 1921-1961
Kasel - Mark Kasel Papers, 1981-2000
Katz - Judith Katz Papers, 1970-2016 Papers
Kepner - Jim Kepner Papers, 1987-1997
Kirby - Robert Kirby Zine Collection, 1989-2012
Lansky - Ellen Lansky Papers, 1990s
Lawrence - James Michael Lawrence Papers, 1962-2013
Leddick - David Leddick Papers, circa 1950-2006
Lee - Philip Lee Papers, 1936-1994
Lenahan - James Lenahan Papers
Lesbian and Gay Bands of America Records, 1971-2007
Lesbian Feminist Organizing Committee (LFOC) Records, 1975-1985
Lesbian Resource Center Records, 1972-1980
Lesbian Review of Books Records, 1991-2002
Lewellan - Gail Lewellan Papers, 1977-1997
LGBT Mental Health Providers Network Records, 1990-2013
Liberty Education Forum Records
Log Cabin Republican Records, 1985-2012
Lundoff - Catherine Lundoff Manuscripts, 2008-2016
Mainstream Publications with GLBT Content Collection, 1950-2017
"Man2Man," "Man to Man," "Among Men" Records, 1992-2012
Manahan - Nancy Manahan Papers, 1920, 1947, 1953, 1967-2012
March on Washington Collection
Marry Me Minnesota Records, 2006-2013
Matthesen - Elise Matthesen Papers, 1981-2005
Mattson - Ron Mattson Papers, 1973-1999
Mayfield - Bryan Mayfield Art Installation, 2012
McConnell - Michael McConnell Files, 1965-2014
McEvoy - Ellen McEvoy Papers, 1979-1991
McNaron - Toni McNaron Papers, 1950-2008
Mehring - John Mehring Papers, 1983-2015
Melroy - Patrick Melroy Collection, 1982-2002
Migliorino - Paul Migliorino Papers, 1973-2006
Mindt - Pam Mindt Papers 1991-2015
Minnesota AIDS Project Records, 1979-2008
Minnesota Civil Liberties Union GLBT Collection, 1965-2006
Minnesota Gay and Lesbian Legal Assistance (MNGALLA) Records, 1974-2009
Minnesota Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Educational Fund Records, 1986-1995
Minnesota Government Engineers Council (MGEC) Lawsuit Records, 1997-2004
Minnesota Men of Color (MMC) Records, 1981-2007
Minnesota Philharmonic Orchestra Papers, 1992-2013
Minnesotans United for All Families Records, 2011-2013
Moore - Michael K. Moore Manuscripts, 2004
Moran - Kathy Moran Papers, 1975-2016
Moses - Ken Moses Papers, 1950-2015
Mueller - Ilze Mueller Papers, 1992-2012
Mulhern - Brian Mulhern Collection, 1960s-2010s
Murphy, Dr. Jerome Murphy Papers, 1991-1996
Nabozny - Jamie Nabozny Papers, 1987-1997
NAMES Project Records (AIDS Quilt), 1987-1992
National Education Association Gay and Lesbian Caucus Records, 1990-2004
Network for Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender Concerns in Occupational Therapy Records, 1992-2005
Noble - Gay Noble Papers, 1986-1998
Nolte - Charles M. Nolte Papers, 1907-2010
North Star Gay Rodeo Association Records, 1989-2004
Northland Gay Men's Center Records, 1980-2014
Northland LGBT Life Narrative Project Records, 2015-2016
O'Brien - Ethan O'Brien Papers (1995-2011)
Out And About Theatre Records, 1930-1986
OutFront Minnesota Records, 1970-2014
Paper Eagles Records (StarTribune), 1991-2002,
Patrick's Cabaret Records, 1990s-2000s
Perrier - Ronald Perrier Papers, 1971-2010
Peterson - Gary Peterson Papers, 1983-2005
PFLAG Twin Cities Records, 1981-2016
Philanthrofund Foundation Records, 1981-2012
Posters, Photography, Works of Art - Tretter Collection Flat Files, 1920 -
Project 515 Records 2006-2013
QSCC Queer Student Cultural Center, University of Minnesota, 1969-2011
Raffa - Elissa Raffa Papers, 1970-2006
Remus - June Remus, 1991-2014
Ricchiazzi - Frank Ricchiazzi Papers, 1977-2008
Ritmeester - Tineke Ritmeester Papers, 1983-1998
Roberts - Jon Roberts Papers, 1980-2002
St. Paul Human Rights Ordinance Repeal, 1978
Schneebaum - Tobias Schneebaum Papers, 1950-2003
Schwules Museum, 1948-2004, undated
Scully - Patrick Scully Papers, 1913-2010
Select Committee for Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Concerns, University of Minnesota Records, 1990-1999
Shamin - Ankha Shamin Papers, 1950-2012
Silva - Ana Silva Papers, 1954-2014
Sioux Empire Gay and Lesbian Coalition Records, 1998-2003
Skir - Leo Skir Papers, 1952-1998
Smith - Daniel G. Smith Papers, 19547-1994
Somers - Marlene Somers Collection, 1950-2010
Spear - Senator Allan Spear Papers, 1937-2010
Sri Lanka GLBTIQ Movement Records, 1999-2006
Stafford - Richard "Rick" Stafford Papers, 1968-2017
Stenson - Linnea Stenson Papers, 1928-2014
Swan - Wally Swan Papers, 1971-2007
Theissen - Brad Theissen's Papers and records of GAZE-TV and GAZE Newspaper
Thorstad - David Thorstad Cassette Tapes, (1975-1996)
Thurmond - Carter Thurmond Papers, 1959-2016
Trans Oral History Project, 1926-2007
Trans Youth Support Network (TYSN) Records, 2000-2015
Transgender Research Guide, 1923-2014
Tretter Collection Administrative Records, 1982-2015
Tretter - Jean-Nickolaus Tretter Papers, 1925-2013
Twin Cities Gay Men's Chorus (TCGMC) Records, 1981-2006
Twin Cities GLBT Oral History Project Collection
Twin Cities Pride, 1973-2017
Two-Spirit Papers, 1937-2007
Tyrrell - Gerry Tyrrell Papers, 1982-2012
Vecoli - Lisa Vecoli Book Collection (Lesbian Pulp and Contemporary Fiction)
Vecoli - Lisa Vecoli Papers, 1975-2002
Vicci - Leandra Vicci Papers, 1974-2014
Ward - Joseph (Joe) Ward Papers, 2000-2007
Warhol - Andy Warhol Collection, 1994-1997
Wells - Harold Wells Papers, 1957-2002
Wiegle - Dennis Wiegle Collection, 1996-2007
Wilde Roast Cafe Records, 2003-2012
Woman's Coffeehouse Collective Records, 1976-1985
Womyn's Braille Press Papers, 1981-1996
Wood - David Wood Papers, 1948-2016
Yoakam - John R. Yoakam Papers, 1947-2010
Zemsky - Beth Zemsky Papers, 1974-2014


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