The Tretter Transgender Oral History Project is part of the Jean-Nickolaus Tretter Collection in GLBT Studies at the University of Minnesota Libraries. Transgender voices and experiences are often missing in contemporary documentation and the historic record. The goal of this Project is to empower individuals to tell their story, while providing students, historians, and the public with a richer foundation of primary source material about the Transgender community. Materials are housed within the Tretter Collection.

Phase 1 of this Project (2015-2018) focused on documenting the experience of transgender and gender queer people in the Upper Midwest. Oral Historian Andrea Jenkins conducted 200 interviews covering identity, family, love and experiences. These oral histories are posted online. There is also an online exhibit about Phase 1.

Phase 2 of the Project (late 2018-2020) will shift focus. Given the focus on transgender issues, both locally and nationally, Phase 2 will examine community organizing, policy development and political activism around the country.

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Tretter Transgender Oral History Project Videos and Transcripts Online


Tretter Transgender Oral History Project Online Exhibition



Publications about the Tretter Transgender Oral History Project

The Transgender Oral History Project is funded in large part by a grant from Tawani Foundation. The project has also received support from a Headwaters Foundation for Justice Community Innovation Grant, and from individual donors.



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