Federal Funding Agencies

In 2013 the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) directed most U.S. grant-funding agencies to develop policy requirements on sharing federally grant-funded research publications and data. Requirements for research publications and data do differ. This page provides information on publication requirements; for data requirements, see funding agency requirements for access to research data.

U of M researchers are responsible for knowing their relevant agency’s requirements for making grant-funded publications publicly accessible. Some commonalities in policies include:

  • Allowance of a 12 month embargo period from publication to public access
  • A mechanism to submit an evidence-based request for embargo extension
  • Article metadata (e.g., citation information) is required upon publication even if the full text will be embargoed

Some funders specifically scope their responses to only peer-reviewed journal articles. Others more broadly say peer-reviewed articles (which may or may not include peer-reviewed conference papers).

Compliance with these policies is the responsibility of the author. Authors should read publishing agreements and negotiate as required.The Libraries can provide support in a number of ways, including negotiation supports such as the BTAA Author’s Rights Addendum, or our services to help you make best use of the U of M Open Access Policy.

For more detailed information, including compliance mechanisms, please see our matrix of Federal Funding Agencies Public Access Plans for Publications.

Please contact the Libraries for assistance.

Agency Directorate Effective Date Sharing Required? ORCiD Sharing Venue
DOD   2015 Yes Accepted Defense Technical Information Center PubDefense
DOE   2014 Yes Accepted OSTI Pages (see this video for a demonstration of the process)
DoED IES 2012 Yes Accepted* ERIC
DOT   2015 Yes Required National Transportation Library
EPA   2016 Yes   PubMed Central
HHS AHRQ 2015 Yes   PubMed Central
ASPR 2015 Yes   PubMed Central
ACL 2016 Yes   PubMed Central
CDC 2013 Yes   CDC Stacks and PubMed Central
FDA 2015 Yes   PubMed Central
NIH 2008 Yes Accepted* PubMed Central
ODNI   2017 Yes   Defense Technical Information Center PubDefense
NASA   2015 Yes Required NASA-branded portal of PubMed Central
NIST   2015 Yes   PubMed Central
NOAA   2016 Yes Suggested NOAA Institutional Repository
NSF   2016 Yes Accepted* NSF Public Access Repository
Smithsonian   2015 Yes Accepted Smithsonian Research Online
USDA   2016 Yes   PubAg
USAID   2016 Yes   Development Experience Clearinghouse
USGS   2016 Yes   Publications Warehouse
VA   2015 Yes   PubMed Central

*SciENcv accepts ORCID.

Other Funding Agencies

Many foundations and other funders are requiring the results of research they fund to be made publicly available. 

The table below lists just some of the organizations with public access requirements.  For more information, please contact the Libraries for assistance.

Agency Effective Date Embargo Allowed? Sharing venue or other requirements
American Heart Association n.d. 12 months PubMed Central
Autism Speaks 2008 12 months PubMed Central
Children's Tumor Foundation 2015   Drug Discovery Initiative Registered Reports
Ford Foundation 2015   Creative Commons License required
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation 2015 No PubMed Central
Gordon & Betty Moore Foundation 2017   Creative Commons License required
Hewlett Foundation n.d.   Creative Commons License required
Howard Hughes Medical Institute 2007   PubMed Central
Laura and John Arnold Foundation 2017   Preregistration with the Center for Open Science
MacArthur Foundation 2008   Creative Commons License required
The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research 2020   Articles must be posted in an open access preprint repository and published open access
Simmons Foundation 2017   Encourages preprints at arXiv or bioRxiv or publishing under Open Access licenses
Wellcome Trust 2017

6 months*

*As of January 1, 2020, no embargo allowed

PubMed Central or Europe PMC 


Questions or comments about open access issues at the University of Minnesota, and in general, can be directed to openaccess@umn.edu.