Construction is underway. Launching February 2020.

The Toaster is a place where ideas are generated, discoveries are made, and entrepreneurial spirits are ignited.

The Toaster is a place where you can...

  • Connect and collaborate with fellow students
  • Launch a product, service or vision
  • Design, build, tinker and make
  • Learn from industry experts
  • Find campus resources

Making the Toaster

A new space at Walter Library opens the door for students to explore and develop new ideas.

About the space

Located in the lower level of Walter Library, the Toaster will be an adaptable space for students to collaborate on innovation and entrepreneurship projects and bring abstract ideas to life. 

Students, student organizations, and experiential courses will have access to 6,500 square feet for collaboration, presentations, group meetings, prototyping, and more.

Toaster Southeast

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