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Browse and search digital images, manuscripts, maps, video, audio, and more. UMedia provides access to digitized materials from across the University of Minnesota, in particular the University Libraries’ extensive Archives and Special Collections.

Featured: Charles Babbage Institute Archives

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Digital Conservancy

The institutional repository of the University of Minnesota, the Digital Conservancy provides free, public access and long-term preservation to work created at the U of M. The University of Minnesota Digital Conservancy (UDC) is:

  • a venue for faculty to deposit copies of their scholarly work for open access,
  • a showcase for select student works, such as dissertations and honors theses, and
  • a centralized, searchable access to departmental digital records and publications including those of the University of Minnesota Archives.
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Data Repository for the University of Minnesota (DRUM)

DRUM is a publicly available collection of digital research data generated by U of M researchers, students, and staff. Anyone can search and download the data housed in the repository, instantly or by request.

The Data Repository publishes datasets from University affiliates for digital archiving and access. Learn more about depositing to the Data Repository and other services to manage your data.


Other digital collections:

Umbra Search
Hundreds of thousands of digitized materials from over 1,000 libraries and archives, brought together in one search.
Ojibwe People's Dictionary
An illustrated, talking dictionary, with photographs new & old, allowing insight into Ojibwe life.
Minnesota Digital Library
The Minnesota Digital Library (MDL) gives access to materials shared by organizations across the state.
Online Exhibits
A gallery of digitized collections & exhibits from the University of Minnesota Libraries.