The Toaster

Purpose statement

The Toaster is a place where ideas are generated, discoveries are made, and entreprenuerial spirits are ignited

Unlike any other place on campus, the Toaster is open, collaborative and designed for groups to spark innovation. 

Guiding principles

  • Innovation - We work collaboratively to identify and understand problems that matter and move through them systematically to deliver solutions.
  • Student-centered - We are guided and informed by student needs, interests, and passions.
  • Collaboration - We are better together and build community by connecting students with fellow students, the University, community, and industry experts.
  • Multi-disciplinary - We welcome and seek to connect students from all colleges, departments and majors.
  • Inclusion - We affirm the contributions of all people, strive to recognize and address bias and discrimination, and work diligently in support of equity and diversity.
  • Empowerment - We connect students to the knowledge, skills, and resources necessary to bring their ideas to life and bring about real change.

Meet the Staff

Learn more about the people who make it all work.


What will your impact be?

Come visit the Toaster and build on Minnesota's legacy of innovation and entrepreneurship.