The U Libraries have a wide variety of tools and services. This page includes many but not all of the services, tools and Libraries expertise useful for faculty, instructors, adjuncts, staff, researchers, clinicians. These services and tools are not limited to only these groups. If you don't see something you are expecting to see, please contact us.

Doing research: collections

We have a millions of books, journals and databases to support your research needs. We work to acquire additional materials base on research needs of current and future of faculty and scholars.

  • Libraries Search is our premier interdisciplinary search tool. It searches our library catalog (physical collections, including our 7+ million books, maps, DVDs, ebooks, etc). It also searches millions of journal, magazine and newspaper articles. It does not search everything. You can go directly to your favorite database using our A-Z list or subject guides. You can go directly to your favorite journal using E-Journals A-Z.
  • Want to get to full text articles from off campus? You should usually just need your U of M Internet ID and password. Remember to click the “Find it” button or link. We also have a proxy bookmarklet or you can download Virtual Private Network (VPN).
  • We have one of the largest archives in the world with over 20 major Archives with special collections to support your scholarly research.
  • Learn about citation and information management tools like Zotero, Mendeley, or EndNote to organize your PDFs, create in-text citations and easily create a bibliography.
  • Set up feeds and alerts to track scholarly articles, books and other sources for your work. You should develop a system for file naming and strategies for archiving and backing up your work.

Services to support your research, publishing, and grant seeking

Services to support your teaching, courses and students doing library research

Librarians and experts: help when you need it

We have over 75 subject librarians, archivists, experts and hundreds of Libraries staff to support your work.

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