Libraries Makerspaces are open to UMN folks from all majors, programs, and skill levels. Equipment and materials are always free for UMN students, staff, and faculty.

You'll find 3D printers, smart cutters for vinyl stickers and other materials, soldering irons, sewing machines, VR headsets, rotary tools, and software for 3D modelling and embroidery design. Plus, basic supplies for prototyping and crafting.

We know that you need a wide range of resources and materials to be successful at the U. We believe in helping you access the tools you need to be creative, entreprenuial, involved, and excited about your education.

Health Sciences Library Makerspace

Diehl Hall, room 314 (third floor)

Panoramic view of the Health Sciences Library Makerspace

Walter Library Breakerspace

Walter Library, room 204D (second floor)

Panoramic view of the Walter Library Breakerspace

Check it out!

Drop-in hours for each space are listed at the links above.

Other makerspaces and design spaces at UMN